Shoot #4 – TBV


Those days strolling around Notting Hill were filled with light. At the time, I was working at the Windsor Castle Pub in Campden Hill Road after I refused what would have been my first work in fashion in a clothing store in Westbourne Grove. Regardless the rich surroundings, some of London best vintage stores sit in this area.
Has been a healing routine of mine: get off the bus on the main road and start walking on a Sunday morning my way down Portobello Road. I’m just mellowed by the area, walking trough old garments that some rich man left behind, you can find rare gems to match your wallet. Ain’t a fast walk, not one of those I perform rollin’ towards work. I walk rather slow, looking around, stopping for a coffee or a pint and I just keep my eye on any cloth who could change my wardrobe in better. I read a book sitting in an outdoor table along Portobello.

I bought this Jaeger teal blue two piece suit in Retro Clothing for less than £10 pounds. God bless that place. I wear it with my Cowboy Necklace, a necklace that reminds me of a rosary, an old film camera and a scarf I bought in Brick Lane.

Peace to West London.

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