Shoot #3 – TBV

Shoot #3 – TBV

I received this t-shirt as a gift for my 18th birthday, I believe. In those days I was singing in a rock band called Tumble Weed and we all really loved Guns n’ Roses…but this hasn’t changed with time. The t-shirt used to have a tight neckline and I didn’t like that. So I went home, took the scissors and cut open the neckline, giving it this look which I still love. The necklace is from Greenwich Market, I bought it for 5£.

I do agree that fashion is female, but men never accepted to push any boundary and that’s where The Blues Victim stands, I walk the wire.


Shoot #Dom – TBV

Shoot #Dom – TBV

I met this guy that I was 5. He’s Dome. A owe him most than he knows.

He’s wearing his own shirt, a kimono jacket I bought in Brick Lane at The Vintage Market, hat by @tonyalexanderstone, necklace is a chain belt from Beyond Retro and the bonsai tree is from Giuliana.


Shoot #1 – TBV

Shoot #1 – TBV

These are a few self-portraits.
I’m learning to use my camera, using new lighting and settings.
I’m wearing my Cowboy Necklace. I bought the scarf for 5£ at Vintage Basement in Brick Lane, London.

Hat by @tonyalexanderstone. The suit is Vivienne Westwood.

Glad to post the first pictures on this website.